Arka Adrian trading Company in the field of exporting liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors pumps and compressors according to API 681 standard and exporting air and gas blower packages of positive displacement type competing with the most prestigious global brands is ready to provide services to our valued customers.


Some of these products are as follows:

Types of vacuum pumps fall into three general categories: Dry vacuum pumps, also called oil-free vacuum pumps; Oil ring vacuum pump which is also called circulating oil vacuum pump and finally water ring vacuum pump which is also called circulating water vacuum pump.

Types of export vacuum pumps in the industry include high vacuum and ultra-high: low temperature pump (low temperature pump), molecular pump (low temperature pump), ion pump (sputtering ion pump), titanium sublimation pump, diffusion pump pump).

Medium vacuum: dry vacuum pump, two-stage rotary vane pump, roots vacuum pump, oil booster pump, water jet pump vapor jet pump).

Low vacuum: single stage rotary vane pump (single stage rotary vane pump), slide valve pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump..

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