import & Export Sevices

In the world we live in today, consulting in any field is needed and has priority, especially consulting that is provided in a trading company that includes exports and imports and international trading services. In the world and in different countries, due to the diversity of products and also the different needs that exist, countries are forced to exchange with each other and has caused countries around the world to engage in trade relations with each other and is a very important thing for humanity. This type of business relationship requires complete information that each person must have in the field of export and import of goods, type of goods sent, familiarity with the terms of service, familiarity with the terms of payment and how to pay, general rules that include all documentary credits Be aware of the types of transport insurance, bill of lading, goods inspections, and finally the steps required for the clearance of goods. And international export and import. And we assure you dear ones that these follow-ups will be done by our company in the customs offices all over Iran until the end of the operation.
Our group is one of the service companies active in the fields of trade, import and export, customs clearance of goods from the country’s customs. Perform various commercial services such as customs clearance, customs, transportation and business consulting to commercial and industrial companies, both governmental and non-governmental, and clear and deliver a large volume of various goods to customers daily.
Consulting and services
In line with its corporate mission, it provides customers with all matters related to consulting and business services, import and export and customs clearance of goods from the country’s customs. Some of these areas of consulting and services are as follows:Clearance of goods in the shortest time and with the lowest cost in all customs of the countryPermanent and temporary clearance of imported goods by domestic contractorsFast clearance of goods in full shipmentServices of unloading, loading, customs warehousing, transportation and weighing facilitiesDomestic and foreign transportation and transitObtaining domestic or transit cargo insurance

Fast delivery from all entry points and customs of the country to the desired warehouses

Business consulting in the preparation and preparation of commercial documents for goods