Given the strategic and transit position of Iran, many opportunities and advantages can be considered for the country’s transit. Of course, the correct and timely use of these opportunities, as well as the necessary investment and extensive publicity at the same time can be effective in effectively exploiting the geographical and unique transit location of the country, so how to take advantage of these advantages and opportunities and establish transportation and transportation Transportation with target countries can play a prominent role in facilitating trade between Asia and Europe and the countries of the region and the development of transit. In general, the advantages of transit through the territory of Iran are:
1- Being in the route of north-south transit corridors and as a result establishing transit connections between Russia, Eastern Europe, Central, North, Central Asia and the Caucasus on one side and South Asia, Southeast, Far East, Oceania and Persian Gulf countries as a prominent advantage. It is considered for Iran. Also, due to the shortness of the route in the north-south corridor and equipping facilities and infrastructure and providing extensive facilities and facilities in various sectors of transportation, the Iranian route has many attractions for the transit of goods. Shahid Rajaei, Amirabad and Bandar Anzali ports have a special place in the north-south corridor transit route and in addition to the mentioned ports, Shahid Bahonar, Lengeh, Bushehr, Chabahar, Imam Khomeini and Nowshahr ports also have unique role-playing potentials.
2- Establishing the transit connection

between Afghanistan and Central Asia through the transit axis of the east of the country “Chabahar – Milk”; The geographical proximity of Chabahar port to Afghanistan, extensive investments in various sectors of transportation, especially the maritime sector, the establishment of transportation facilities and infrastructure along the eastern axis of the country and extensive government support, make Chabahar port as Afghanistan’s transit hub. East axis will see a boom in transit along the route. Chabahar port is considered as the most important port in the transit route of the east axis of the country, but due to some structural deficiencies, it is less important in the transit of goods to Afghanistan than Bandar Abbas.

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